Client List

fikst clients
Access Vascular Inc. is an early stage medical device company developing materials-based technology for unmet needs in vascular medicine.
Akouos is developing targeted adeno-associated viral vector (AAV)-based gene therapies for sensorineural hearing loss, which results from dysfunction or damage to sensory cells and/or nerve fibers of the inner ear.
Coagulation Sciences is a blood-testing innovator that has developed a Transfusion Management System to scientifically manage blood transfusions at the patient's point-of-care.
First Light Biosciences is developing breakthrough automated medical diagnostic products for rapid, sensitive, and cost-effective detection of Healthcare Associated Infections.
The Jackson Laboratory is a nonprofit organization focusing on mammalian genetics research to advance human health.
Your body is constantly talking to you — letting you know when you are sick or exhausted. Biological markers are the words your body uses to communicate internally. What if you could decipher the language and listen to the chatter?
Sage Science is a developer of novel lab instruments targeted for use by larger instrumentation companies.
Sight Diagnostics is a medical device company developing a novel platform for diagnosing blood diseases using computer vision technology.
The Wyss Institute develops biologically inspired materials and devices that solve critical medical and environmental problems and translate these technologies into products that have an impact on society and the world.
PharmaCheck is an inexpensive, reliable, and robust drug screening technology that serves as an accurate quantitative measure of the active ingredient and performs dissolution testing.
Enumeral Biomedical Corp. engages in the discovery of native human monoclonal antibodies for use in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.
Platelets stop you from bleeding. Our bioreactor makes platelets.
7AC Technologies is a clean technology company that aims to drastically reduce the huge amount of energy used to heat and cool buildings.
Trenergi seeks to become the world leader in green clean tech microCHP solutions for the global residential market.
GelSight, Inc. provides extremely detailed and rapid surface measurements through the novel GelSight sensor technology. Our approach to metrology is flexible: the same core technology can be used to measure any rigid material at scales spanning four orders of magnitude.
Techaulogy is an innovate ergonomic hand truck offering new freedom and reduced risk of back injury.
Full Flight Technology manufactures the Velocitip Ballistic System including the world’s first electronic field point for use in archery equipment performance testing.
Insultab is the #1 source for heat shrink tubing products. Insultab manufactures products of the highest quality and consistency, meeting all relevant industry specifications.
RedShift is the pioneer in OpTIC (Optical Thermal Imaging), a proprietary platform solution available to OEMs who want to launch quickly new thermal imaging products for mass market users.
TBS Technologies plans to be the leader in the use of chlorine dioxide for disinfection of healthcare settings and controlled environments, such as isolators and bio-safety cabinets.
WaterSep Bioseparations creates cutting edge membrane technology – asymmetric, high capacity, void free antifouling hollow fiber membranes.
Consumer Products
BelleCore is a for profit company devoted to providing affordable, consumer friendly, easy-to-use devices designed to enhance overall appearance and well being.
Coravin uses proprietary patented technology to access and pour wine from a bottle without pulling the cork.
Hillcrest Labs enables CE and peripheral manufacturers, service providers, and internet content companies to deliver the most visually engaging and intuitive way to access, discover, and interact with digital media throughout the home.
Lucky Litter develops and sells innovative pet products that allow pet lovers to spend less time on unpleasant pet care chores so they can spend more quality time with their pets.
Designed to replace the ubiquitous prescription bottle, RedCap's ultra-efficient design is just two pieces of plastic.
We make it easy to make more happen.
The world's best loved candle.